About Us




Our vision is to be a proactive corporate citizen, through our contribution, helping societies in which we operate and beyond to become more sustainable, more responsible and more equitable, in regards to their people, their resources, and their environment.


TANTALEX’s mission is to become a leading natural resource company supplying a wide variety of conflict-free high-tech minerals, to various market sectors around the globe, while remaining focused on increasing shareholder value.


Why invest


Investing in Tantalex means investing in emerging and expanding markets.

  • Buckell Lithium project adjacent to and along strike south of world-class LCT-Pegmatite Manono-Kitotolo mine.

  • Fast-track 3-phase work program planned, outlining construction of Spodumene Plant in late 2018.

  • De-risked investment through: joint ventures with the State-owned company and reputable sub-contractors.

  • All properties located in the province of Tanganyika (formerly Katanga),
    a mining-friendly and politically stable region.

  • Accessibility to infrastructure such as electricity, roads, dams and aircraft runways.

  • Hands-on management team; Operations office situated in Lubumbashi/Windhoek; Corporate Development office in Nanjing China .

  • Management and Board members with long-time expertise in mine development and production of industrial metals, high-tech minerals, renewable energies and electronics.