Board of Directors


DAVE B. GAGNON  - Chairman | CEO

Chairman | CEO

Dave B.Gagnon, has been spent the last thirty years of his professional career focused on the areas of natural resources, renewable energy, recycling and finance within both public and private companies. He is currently the principal shareholder and Chairman of CHARBONE BUCKELL Ltd, a private equity firm specializing in investments in the mining and commodities industry. Mr. Gagnon is also co-Founder of CHARBONE 14 Ltd, as well as a Board member of CHARBONE COBALT Ltd. Known for his commitment to sustainable development, and his ability to establish strategic and financial partnerships between parties from different continents, Mr. Gagnon’s focus is to create value for his shareholders and for the local communities in which he operates.
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Senior VP

Sylvain Giffard has held various strategic positions within Canadian and European private companies in the natural resource, energy and military sectors. Mr. Giffard is recognized for his government relations strategies in emerging markets such as Australasia, and Eastern Europe. Between 2001 and 2006, Mr. Giffard played a major role in a Canadian renewable energy company. Amongst other things, he participated in the parliamentary committee on energy security held in Quebec in 2005. He was also a speaker on several topics including the Symposium on Water Management in Quebec in 1997, and authored the publication, the White Paper, for the establishment of a water management in Quebec. During the last five years, Mr. Giffard has lived in Windhoek, Namibia to manage African affairs on behalf of the Company. He is a board member of CHARBONE COBALT (PTY) Ltd and Tantalex Mining group (PTY) Ltd.
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Dr. Moreno has over 10 years experience in Finance, business development and technical research, with a focus on Technology, Mining and Metals industries. She is a Physics Engineer with a PhD in Materials Science and Mechanics from Imperial College London, in the UK.  Dr. Moreno held positions as Senior Analyst, at Toronto based-investment banks and as an Investment Research Analyst at a global investment research firm. She has authored a number of advanced technical reports on key technology metals and strategic industrial minerals. Dr. Moreno has great interest in the equitable, environmental and sustainable development of mineral resources and she has had the chance to offer advice to governments and corporations, on topics related to mine development, commodities supply security, mineral sector development and economic growth. Dr. Moreno is a recognized analyst, common guest speaker on television and at international conferences. She is often quoted in national and international newspapers and news (e.g. Reuters, Globe and Mail, Bloomberg, etc.). Currently, she is the Managing Director of Tahuti Global, a company that she founded.

PERSON'S NAME  - Board Director

Corporate Secretary

Partner of Dunton Rainville LLP, Mr. Lebeuf has an expertise in securities, particularly in the areas of natural resources, institutional and corporate financing, and public and private mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Lebeuf represents public companies, securities brokers, buyers, sellers, bankers, and financial advisors. He provides strategic advice on access to public capital markets, securities, and structured products. Over the past years, Michel Lebeuf has worked for many mining projects in Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Angola and ROC) and his services are regularly used by mining developers, mining companies, and investment banking companies eager to develop mining projects in these countries. He also specializes in transactions such as “reverse takeovers ” or RTO’s on various stock exchanges among which in particular the CSE and the TSX venture. Me Lebeuf also has extensive experience in corporate reorganizations, public and private transfers, and institutional funding.

Gary Pearse
Qualified Person and Senior Technical Advisor to the President & CEO

Gary Pearse is one of the world’s notable experts in lithium rare earths and other high tech minerals. He is an engineer, economic geologist, metallurgist and mineral economist with over 40 years’ experience including geological survey work in Canada and Nigeria and exploration and development in North America and Africa. For much of his career, he has worked as a rare metals and industrial minerals consultant, in project management, feasibility, and development. He is especially recognized for his thorough knowledge of rare metal pegmatites and alkaline hosts and for his knowledge of the chemistry and metallurgy of rare-earth and high-tech metals. This work led to novel mineral concentration and hydrometallurgical processes for producing high purity lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate. Mr. Pearse has published more than 100 technical papers on a broad range of mineral industry topics and has delivered numerous oral presentations at international conferences and symposia. Some of his work has been selected for inclusion in reference texts on Canadian mineral economics, some reprinted in books and newspaper articles.


Nico Scholtz
Geologist Consultant

Mr Scholtz is a geologist with more than 15 years of experience delineating and managing mineral exploration and near production projects in Africa, South America and China. He serves as a Competent - and Qualified Person under the JORC, SAMREC and NI-43-101 codes with sufficient experience in the style, genesis and occurrence of base and precious metals, rare and industrial minerals as well as nuclear fuels, precious stones and fossil fuels in varied geological settings. Nico has experience in managing multiple exploration programs in early and advanced stages as well as using multidisciplinary techniques in mineral exploration. He is proficient in using 2D as well as 3D mineral exploration software for target generation and Resource Estimation modeling. Nico obtained a M.Sc. degree (2003) in Geology at the University of the Free State, South Africa and was subsequently employed as lecturer and research geologist at the same University (2004 to 2006). During this time, he authored and co-authored multiple scientific papers in peer reviewed journals and book chapters and presented and co-presented numerous oral and poster presentations at local and international scientific conferences. He has consequently been invited as guest speaker to various Scientific Symposiums in South Africa, Namibia and Europe with emphasis on mineral exploration in Africa. Nico is an accomplished public speaker and has extensive experience in mineral exploration and private event fund raising for various private - and public listed companies in Namibia, Canada and Australia.