Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility



Corporate Governance

Tantalex’s management team and Board of Directors have put in place policies so that the Company and its employees adhere to strict operating norms, ensuring respect and transparency vis-à- vis all of its stakeholders.


Corporate Social Responsibility

As Tantalex’s operations are located in the province of Katanga, the Company has committed itself to tackling head-on the issues that are particular to this region. “Conflict minerals” are sometimes mined and sold, under the control of armed groups, to finance conflict and violence. Some of these conflict minerals can make their way into the supply chains of both industrial and consumer products, including those in the electronics industry. Tantalex has taken all necessary steps in addressing the issue of conflict minerals in its supply chain, and we have worked diligently to put the systems and processes in place to enable us to reasonably conclude that the tantalum, as well as any other minerals that we will provide in the future, do not finance or benefit armed groups in the region, while continuing to support legitimate mineral sourcing.



TANTALEX: an EICC recognized business

Tantalex meets the necessary requirements of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). The EICC is a non-profit coalition of electronics companies committed to supporting the rights and well-being of workers and communities worldwide affected by the global electronics supply chain. Adhering to the EICC’s guidelines of operation makes Tantalex proud of its work. Learn more about the EICC.





TANTALEX: an iTSCi member

The iTSCi Programme is a joint industry membership programme designed to assist companies with traceability, due diligence and audit requirements on purchases of minerals from high risk areas as recommended in the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines and UN recommendations. Furthermore it also aims to aid compliance with the US Dodd Frank Law, section 1502 on conflict minerals. The Programme establishes traceability in the upstream supply chain from mine to smelter, and downstream companies (product manufacturers, etc) and assists companies to establish due diligence through independent audits and risk assessments. Learn more about the iTSCi.